start a fight PLQ 1k Invitational

start a fight 1st Annual Pro League Qualifier 1k Invitational January 2nd, 2022 @4pm Eastern/1pm Pacific Hosted by HisandHers Live!

With a break in the pro league and the next big thing is the pro league qualifiers, there is a BIG appetite from the qualified teams & from the viewers who are missing ALGS action.

So, on January 2nd, 2022 - start a fight eSports is proud to be sponsoring a brand new annual 1k invitational tournament specifically for all the Pro League Qualifier Teams.

saf wants to build up some hype as a lot of the ALGS attention is focused on the Pro League (and rightly so!), but here at the challenger league level, it has been an INSANE GRIND for these Tier 2 & Tier 3 teams. start a fight wants to give  an opportunity for these Teams to earn some $$$ for their efforts and get some well deserved recognition!

$500 Charitable Contributions made to both the National Suicide Prevention Prevention and American Humane - please consider supporting these two very important organizations and the work they do.

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